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Public employment


Budgeted human resource needs that require the incorporation of new personnel have to be covered through the Public Employment Offer.

For the current year, Royal Decree 196/2015 of 22nd March approving the Public Employment Offer for 2015 allows the convenance of a selection process to fill 20 vacancies for new staff and one vacancy to be filled by internal promotion from within the Nuclear Safety and Radiological Protection Technical Corps.

The Royal Decree 228/2014 of 4th April announced publicly the staffing needs for the previous fiscal year. The CSN was granted permission for six unconditional vacancies and two vacancies to be filled by internal promotion, both for the same Corps. By a resolution of the CSN Presidency on 16th July 2014 the relevant selection processes to fill these vacancies was initiated.

Se proporcionan los temas correspondientes al primer y tercer ejercicio de dicho concurso-oposición haciendo la salvedad de que el Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear no se hace responsable del contenido de los mismos ni vincularán al tribunal designado para seleccionar a los candidatos que se presenten a dicho concurso-oposición, constituyendo este temario únicamente una aproximación indicativa al contenido de los temas.