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The location of the Centralized Temporary Storage Facility (CTSF) for spent nuclear fuel and high level radioactive waste and its technology centre in the municipality of Villar de Cañas (Cuenca) was agreed by the Council of Ministers on 30th December 2011.

The project involves the construction of a facility designed for receiving, preparing and storing spent fuel from the Spanish nuclear power plants and other high level radioactive waste. This nuclear facility consists of various structures for different operations:

  • Spent fuel reception area or building.
  • Process building where the spent fuel will be loaded into casks for its storage.
  • Services and auxiliary systems building.
  • Spent fuel casks storage modules, each of which will consist of two vaults with independent air intakes and outlets.
  • Warehouse for packages of other high level radioactive waste.

For further information regarding the Centralized Temporary Storage Facility (CTSF) licencing process, please visit the section: Articles > CTSF licencing process.