CSN Medical X-rays

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Medical X-rays

Rayos X médicos

Medical diagnosis X-ray facilities use ionising radiation for beneficial purposes for persons, seeking to cause them the minimum radiological impact. To reduce the adverse impact to acceptable values, radiological safety and protection criteria and measures must be applied in these facilities in the following phases.

• In the design, manufacture and proper functioning of the X-ray equipment.

• In the installation, correctly designing the rooms, their layout and shieldings and in setting up radiological protection and quality assurance programmes aimed at reducing exposures and optimising each aspect of the radiological practice to obtain only the indispensable number of images of the necessary quality with as low as possible doses.

• During operation, addressing the protection of all personnel using equipment suitably, optimising working methods and performing periodic checks of the equipment and of the installation.

For regulating medical diagnosis X-ray facilities, there is a declaration and registration regime which is different from the authorising system required for the rest of the radioactive facilities.