CSN Physical protection of nuclear facilities and material

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Physical protection of nuclear facilities and material


Regarding the physical protection of facilities and nuclear material, the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council is responsible for assessing, inspecting and controlling activities, the preparation and approval of regulations, collaboration with and advice to other competent authorities and for initiating sanction procedures.

Nuclear facilities must have a physical protection authorisation allowing the licensee to carry out the activities according to the obligations established in the regulations in force. The physical protection authorisation granted to nuclear facilities includes the radioactive sources that must be controlled and monitored, if they have any.

The licensees of nuclear facilities must therefore request the physical protection authorisation when applying for permits for construction, temporary storage of nuclear material, operation and decommissioning, as well as for the transport of nuclear materials.

The physical protection regulations apply to:

  • Nuclear facilities in which nuclear materials are produced, processed, used or stored or in which final disposal is carried out, including related buildings and equipment.
  • Nuclear materials during their production, use, handling, processing, storing and transport within Spanish territory or on board a ship or aircraft under its jurisdiction, both if the ship or aircraft is used for transport to or from the country.