CSN Physical protection of radioactive facilities and materials

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Physical protection of radioactive facilities and materials

Protección Física

There are five categories of sealed radioactive sources according to their danger, with category 1 being the most dangerous to human health and 5 the least dangerous. Sources in categories 1, 2 and 3 form the group of high level sealed radioactive sources.

The regulations state that the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) must create and maintain a national inventory of high level radioactive sources and their owners and must set up a system for monitoring and controlling the transfers of these sources from their entry into the country to their exit at the end of their useful life or until they are stored as radioactive waste in an authorised facility.

In addition, high level radioactive sources in the facilities in which they are produced, processed, handled, used or stored require a physical protection system that matches the threat assessment in force, the relative incentive of radioactive sources, their nature and the foreseeable consequences arising from their unauthorised removal or acts of sabotage.

Regarding the physical protection of facilities and nuclear material, the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council is responsible for inspecting and controlling activities, the preparation and approval of regulations, the collaboration with and advice to other authorities involved and for initiating sanction procedures.