CSN Diplomas, licenses and accreditations

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Diplomas, licenses and accreditations

Diplomas, licencias y acreditaciones de personal

The training of the people who manage and operate radioactive facilities is considered a fundamental element to ensure that these facilities are operated in suitable safety conditions to guarantee the protection of the workers in the facilities themselves and also that of the public.

To ensure the attainment of an acceptable training level, Spanish legislation requires persons whose activity may affect radiological safety or protection in facilities to obtain a licence issued by the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN).

To obtain the various types of licences issued by the Council, applicants must demonstrate sufficient knowledge in matters of radiological safety and protection. A suitable level of knowledge is also required on the functioning, standards and action procedures, risks and measures of protection for the specific facilities in which they will carry out their activity.

People managing the operation of radioactive facilities must possess a supervisor’s license. Those who directly operate these facilities require an operator’s licence.

In the case of radioactive facilities, the operator’s and supervisor’s licences are issued for a limited period, after which they must be renewed. The licences are issued to each individual personally and are non-transferable, being valid for a field of application (radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, industrial radiography, etc.). Each licence is then registered in the specific installation in which the person obtaining it undertakes his or her activity. 

For further information on the licences for personnel in nuclear facilities, please visit the section Nuclear safety > Personnel licences.