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Radiation protection of workers

Protección radiológica de los trabajadores

One of the main objectives of radiation protection consists of protecting workers exposed to ionising radiation for occupational reasons so that the number of persons exposed and the probability of potential exposures occurring are as low as possible and that individual doses resulting from these exposures are also as low as possible and do not exceed the regulatory dosage limits.

The operational monitoring of exposed workers is based on the following principles.

  • Prior assessment of the working conditions to determine the nature and magnitude of the radiological risk and ensure the application of the principle of optimisation. 
  • Classification of work places into various areas taking into account the assessment of annual doses forecast, the risk of dispersion of the contamination and the probability and magnitude of potential exposures.
  • Classification of exposed workers into categories according to their working conditions.
  • Application of the standards and measures for monitoring and control relating to the various areas and categories of exposed workers, including individual monitoring as relevant.
  • Health monitoring. 

The licensee of the facility must set up the applicable protection measures to prevent exposure depending on the risks linked to the works that imply exposure to ionising radiations. It must also inform its exposed workers on the associated radiological risks and the standards and procedures for radiological protection before they start their activities. It must also provide them with training before the start of the activity and periodically.

The doses received by the workers exposed throughout their working life are recorded in their individual dosimetry history which must be kept properly updated and made available to the worker.