CSN Safety in plant operation

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Safety in plant operation


The licensee of a nuclear facility authorisation is responsible for the facility’s safety in all stages of its life, especially during operation. This responsibility cannot be delegated.

The operating permits granted to the nuclear power plants set limits and conditions covering the various aspects of operation and include the Official Operating Documents (OOD’s), according to which each authorisation is granted, and the conditions necessary for reviewing them. These notably include the Operating Technical Specifications (OTS’s) for each facility which set the operating conditions and the monitoring requirements to which the facility is subjected to ensure the good condition of the systems. When these conditions are not met, the documents themselves describe the actions to be taken and, when necessary, the shutdown of the plant. Any change in these documents must be approved beforehand, with a favourable report from the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN).

The CSN is responsible for supervising the safety of each facility. Among the functions assigned by its law of creation are the preparation of regulation proposals (regulations and guides), issuing reports for the Ministry that coordinates the Government’s energy policy relating to nuclear safety and radiological protection, as well as carrying out all types of inspections of nuclear or radioactive facilities during their various life stages.