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The SISC (Integrated Nuclear Power Plant Supervision System) is a set of activities carried out according to established procedures that the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council and the licensees of nuclear power plants use to supervise the functioning of the power plants and to determine necessary corrective actions based on their results.

This supervision system is based, firstly, on the continuous monitoring of a set of operating indicators in each power plant, covering all important aspects of safety, and, secondly, on an inspections programme called the Base Inspection Plan, that allows the supervision of aspects of the operation of the power plant that are not covered by the indicators.

The supervision mechanisms cover three "strategic areas" (nuclear safety, radiological protection and physical protection) and seven “safety pillars” linked to them. Both sets of activities follow the general criterion of focusing the supervisory effort on those aspects of greater importance for safety according to the results of the Probabilistic Safety Assessments.

The operational indicators are designed to describe the functioning of the power plants by using numerical data, thus providing information on all aspects of safety that are reasonably susceptible to being quantified with a view to achieving maximum objectivity. The results of the indicators are classified into pre-set ranges of importance.

The inspections programme consists of observations, measurements, examinations or direct tests of which the purpose is to assess the state of the structures, systems, components and materials in the power plant as well as the operation activities, processes and procedures and the staff competence, allowing the checking of compliance with standards, best practices and documented commitments, ensuring that the power plant is operated safely. Non-compliances are called inspection findings and are classified according to their importance to safety according to importance determination procedures.


You can access the SISC via this link.