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Ciemat / Pimic. Información General

The Centre for Energy, Environmental and Technology Research (CIEMAT), formerly the Nuclear Energy Board (JEN), is located in Madrid and was originally one of the first and most important nuclear research centres in Spain. It has had more than 60 operational facilities, allowing it to undertake a wide spectrum of activities in areas related to nuclear energy and the applications of ionising radiations. The centre’s facilities included nuclear research reactors, particle accelerators, hot cells, nuclear fuel manufacturing plants and processing plants.

The CIEMAT has an operating permit as a unique nuclear facility by Resolutions of the Directorate General for Energy on 15th July 1980 and 3rd February 1993, which includes a catalogue of facilities belonging to the centre. These include some obsolete and shut down ones in the decommissioning stage and another group of radioactive facilities that are operational and functioning.

The General Directorate of the CIEMAT set up the Integrated Plan for the Improvement of CIEMAT Facilities (IPICF) in 2000 involving various actions for the decontamination and dismantling of shut down facilities and the decontamination and rehabilitation of areas of the centre with contamination levels that were unacceptable for carrying out conventional activities not subjected to regulation. The dismantling project (PIMIC-Dismantling) affects the most significant nuclear facilities of the former JEN and is being carried out by Enresa according to a Ministry of Industry Order of 14th November 2005. The rest of the site is the subject of the so-called PIMIC-Rehabilitation project that includes facilities whose dismantling had previously been initiated and other works to restore areas of the centre affected by radiation.