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The Plenary


Five people make up the Plenary of the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN), the Chairman and four Commissioners, who are chosen by the Spanish Parliament. The members of the Plenary, all persons of recognised prestige, are appointed to their six-year term of office by the government after consultation with the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge Committee of the Congress of Deputies.

All the CSN’s decisions are taken within the framework of the Plenary Sessions, which also define the system for passing resolutions.

The Plenary is a management authority made up of several members who act as a single body. As such, its relationship with the Chairman of the CSN is based on interlocking spheres of competences instead of a hierarchy in which one is subordinate to the other. The relations between these two managing authorities are governed by the rules of cooperation, deliberation and respect for the legitimate exercise of the powers belonging to each other.

The Plenary is assisted by the General Secretariat, which conducts the groups that do the work required to achieve the Plenary objectives. The person helming the General Secretariat is also the secretary at the Plenary Sessions.