CSN What we do in case of emergency

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What we do in case of emergency


The declaration of a nuclear or radiological emergency by the competent authorities or the emergency management of the facility involves the activation of the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) Emergency Response Organisation (ERO) in mode 1. The CSN Emergency Room (Salem) is active in alert mode 24 hours a day throughout the year. The activation of the ERO in mode 1 is the first response mode.

In this response mode and the following ones (up to mode 3), communications are opened with the facility in which the emergency was declared and with the off-site emergency management outside the facility; the specialised CSN technicians are progressively called in in proportion to the severity of the emergency and the mode declared in the Salem; the Council’s external means are activated to support the emergency response and the assessment of the situation starts with a diagnosis of the accident and a forecast of its development.

The results of these assessments serve as the basis for protection recommendations that are sent to the authority managing the emergency for its implementation, according to the available resources.

In Spain, the CSN is the sole and exclusive authority for coordinating and collecting radiological data, analysing them and preparing recommendations for protecting the workers, the public and the environment.