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Radioactive waste and spent fuel


The Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management was signed by Spain on 30th June 1998.

Utilising a structure similar to that of the Convention on Nuclear Safety, this convention addresses safety in radioactive waste and spent fuel management. It sets the following primary objectives:

  • To achieve and maintain a high level of safety worldwide in spent fuel and radioactive waste management, through the enhancement of national measures and international co-operation.
  • To ensure that during all stages of spent fuel and radioactive waste management there are effective defences against potential hazards so that people and the environment are protected now and in future.
  • To prevent accidents with radiological consequences and to mitigate their consequences should they occur during any stage of spent fuel or radioactive waste management.

The Spanish Nuclear Safety Council cooperates with the Ministry of Industry in the preparation of national reports. Enresa also participates in the report-drafting process.