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Fábrica de Uranio de Andújar

The Andújar Uranium Mill (FUA), in the municipality of Andújar (Jaén), which was classified as a category 1 radioactive facility, was operational from 1959 to 1981.

The order of the Ministry of Industry and Energy of 1st February 1991 authorised Enresa to implement the decommissioning operations. The resolution of the Directorate General for Energy on 17th March 1995 declared the completion of the decommissioning of the installation, the on-site conditioning of the waste and the restoration of the rest of the areas affected by the factory’s activities.

This resolution marked the start of the so-called compliance period, initially set at 10 years. The purpose of this period is to check that the parameters included in the surveillance and maintenance plan for checking the suitability of the restoration and conditioning actions perform as planned.

The restored site, already free of facilities and appropriately fenced and signposted, was placed under surveillance by Enresa under the conditions set out in the resolution. After the 10 years compliance period, the foreseen values have not yet been reached and thus the site continues in the compliance period.