CSN Functions

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The CSN regulates the operation of nuclear and radioactive facilities

To ensure that they uphold safety criteria.

The CSN proposes rules and regulations

It forwards the necessary nuclear safety and radiation protection regulation proposals to the government and adjusts domestic legislation to comply with international legislation. The CSN also has the power to lay down mandatory rules and regulations that can even lead to the immediate shutdown of a facility’s operations.

The CSN watches over the environment

The CSN uses a network of automatic stations deployed all over Spain to measure environmental radiation. It also has a sampling network that analyses the atmosphere, soil, river water and seawater.

The CSN issues operator’s licenses

It tests and licenses the people who operate nuclear and radioactive facilities.

The CSN reports on facility design

Before a nuclear or radioactive facility is authorised for commissioning, the CSN painstakingly analyses and enforces the required design specifications.

The CSN provides technical support in the event of a nuclear or radioactive emergency

The CSN has the capacity to respond to any nuclear or radiological incident. It participates in nuclear accident emergency planning as well.

The CSN controls radiation doses to workers

It monitors the radiation doses received by workers to make sure they do not exceed the established limits.

The CSN proposes coercive measures

It can call for any disciplinary proceedings it considers appropriate in its areas of competence. There is a scale of penalties, designed to be proportionate and meet the circumstances specified in the Nuclear Energy Act, which establishes three levels of penalties, maximum, medium and minimum.

The CSN runs and promotes research plans

It fosters research plans focusing on nuclear safety and radiation protection.

The CSN informs public opinion and the Spanish Parliament

The CSN gives account of its activities and reports to the Congress of Deputies and the Senate and to the citizens through a variety of channels.

The CSN maintains relations with the government

The Council has cooperative relations with the various central, regional and local government institutions.

The CSN maintains relations with peer organisations

It cooperates actively with similar international organisations and regulatory authorities through agreements, protocols and conventions.