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Safety Guides


Safety guides are non-compulsory technical documents in which the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) provides guidance for compliance with nuclear safety and radiation protection legislation. Their purpose is to guide readers about and facilitate the application of the legislation pertaining to them. Because compliance with guides is not compulsory, they can apply methods and solutions other than the recommended ones, as long as these are well grounded.

Like instructions, safety guides are prepared in a process that includes a phase inviting outside comments, thus allowing the public and other institutions to participate.

List of CSN safety guides in order by subject.

1. Nuclear reactors and power plants

Total: 18

NORMATIVA CSN - guias seguridad 3

3. Environmental radiation monitoring

NORMATIVA CSN - guias seguridad 4

4. Radioactive facilities and apparatuses

NORMATIVA CSN - guias seguridad 5

5. Transport of radioactive material

Total: 13

NORMATIVA CSN - guias seguridad 6

6. Radiation protection

NORMATIVA CSN - guias seguridad 7

7. Physical protection

NORMATIVA CSN - guias seguridad 8

8. Waste management

NORMATIVA CSN - guias seguridad 9

9. Natural radiation

NORMATIVA CSN - guias seguridad 10

10. Miscellaneous

11.Radiación Natural


11. Radiación Natural

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