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One of the functions of the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) is to propose to the government the necessary nuclear safety and radiation protection regulations and any updates to them that the CSN deems advisable. These regulations establish the objective criteria for selecting the sites of category-one nuclear and radioactive facilities, following the reports from the regions in question. The CSN also adjusts Spanish legislation to comply with international legislation, especially European Union directives.

Similarly, the CSN prepares and approves technical guides, circulars and instructions for nuclear and radioactive facilities and other activities within the areas for which the CSN is responsible.

Instructions are compulsory technical rules on nuclear safety and radiation protection. Stakeholders and the public are encouraged to participate in the instruction-drafting process as stated by the law regulating the rights of access to information, public participation and access to justice in environmental matters. Instructions are reported to the Congress of Deputies before the Nuclear Safety Council approves them, and afterwards they are published in the Boletín Oficial del Estado, Spain’s official journal.

Guides are technical recommendations through which the CSN provides stakeholders with guidance regarding current nuclear safety and radiation protection rules and regulations.

Circulars are informative technical documents that the Council writes for stakeholders, about facts or circumstances related to nuclear safety or radiation protection.

In addition, the CSN sends supplementary technical instructions directly to authorisation holders to ensure that safety requirements and conditions are maintained .

This section includes full texts and summaries of all domestic laws and regulations, EU rules and international conventions regulating nuclear safety and radiation protection.