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OIEA - Información general

The Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was created in 1957 as a specialised government agency belonging to the United Nations system, with the mission of acting as a forum for scientific and technical cooperation to strengthen the contribution of nuclear energy to world peace, health and prosperity.

This mission revolves around three pillars or areas of work, which are technological and physical safety, science and technology and safeguards. The Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) takes an active part in the IAEA’s activities. This includes the CSN’s contribution as a member of the governing bodies of the IAEA and the different committees and technical working groups pertaining to the CSN’s areas of activity.

To promote technological and physical safety, the IAEA creates recommended safety standards, and it promotes the achievement and maintenance of these high levels of technological and physical safety in the peaceful applications of nuclear energy in all its member states. This large body of recommended standards is made up of safety fundamentals, requirements and guides. The CSN participates and coordinates Spain’s contribution to the drafting and revision of safety standards, guides and other IAEA documents.

The IAEA publishes international safety standards and other scientific, technical and informative reference documents.