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European Union

Unión Europea

The European Union (EU) is an economic and political community of independent sovereign nations whose member states cooperate democratically through EU institutions to set and achieve common goals. This cooperation is structured through treaties, which are binding agreements signed by the member states.

One such agreement is the Treaty Establishing the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom), signed in Rome on 25th March 1957. This treaty lays out the basic framework of rules for the creation and development of a nuclear industry and common market in the territories of the member states, under safety conditions designed to avert all risks to human life and health and to guarantee the use and supply of nuclear materials for peaceful purposes. All multilateral relations taking place within the EU are of great importance to Spain, but in the area of nuclear safety and radiation protection, the activities stemming from the Euratom Treaty are especially significant. Through such activities, the member states of the European Union cooperate and share best practices in the areas of nuclear safety and radiation protection.

As a member state, Spain participates actively in the groups of the different EU institutions that have a bearing on the matters addressed in the Euratom Treaty.