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Protection of sensitive information

Protección Información Sensible

The fundamental principle of confidentiality claims that the State must set requirements to protect the confidentiality of information, the unauthorised disclosure of which could compromise the physical protection of nuclear materials and facilities and that, if disclosed without authorisation, could be used by a potential enemy to plan and carry out the theft or unauthorised removal of nuclear material or radioactive sources or for an act of sabotage against nuclear facilities, nuclear material or radioactive sources.

Information on the design, setting up and application of the physical protection measures for nuclear materials and facilities and radioactive sources or any other type of information that compromises their physical protection is therefore considered to affect national security and must be suitably protected.

The Spanish Nuclear Safety Council is responsible for issuing instructions on the measures to protect information on the physical protection of nuclear facilities and materials and radioactive sources. These must be applied by the licensees according to the regulations currently in force for protecting classified information issued by the delegated authority for the security of the classified information.