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In the industrial area

Foro de Protección Radiológica en el Área Industrial

Representatives of the industrial X-ray sector, the Spanish Society for Radiation Protection and the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council created a forum on radiological protection in the industrial area on 27th November 2007. Its activities encompass those related to the radiological protection in the non-nuclear industrial sector that uses ionising radiations. To date, its activities have focused on industrial radiography and gammagraphy since these present greater radiological risks. Its mission is:

•    To facilitate a permanent dialogue with professionals in the industrial sector to improve safety and radiological protection in radioactive facilities. 

•    To set up joint working methods to explore ways and means to implement improvements in working procedures and practices.

The following topics have been addressed:

•  Planning of industrial radiography works in the field to prepare a procedure for planning tasks that serves as a methodology guide so that each radioactive facility that carries out mobile gammagraphy activities develops its own procedure in this respect.

•    Gammagraphy emergencies, to prepare a video that serves as an aid for continuous training to be given to operators and assistants in these facilities.

•    Continuous training of operations personnel to develop the minimum content of training programmes that must be received by the personnel in the facility, at least biennially.


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