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In hospitals

Foro de Protección Radiológica en el Medio Sanitario

The Forum for Radiological Protection in Health Care, formed in 2001 by the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN), the Spanish Society for Radiation Protection (SEPR) and the Spanish Medical Physics Society (SEFM) aims to facilitate a permanent dialogue that favours the improvement of radiological safety and protection in radioactive facilities in hospitals as well as the effectiveness of their functioning.

The forum is formed by a committee consisting of CSN/SEPR/SEFM and ad hoc working groups established by this committee, whose composition is agreed in each case according to their mission and whose duration is limited to the completion of the work they carry out.

Their mode of operation is to propose and agree on matters of common interest for the three organisations that comprise it for its subsequent debate within the working groups created for this purpose. As a consequence of this debate, documents of varying structure and orientation are produced that contain at least a description of the matter discussed and its current situation and conclusions of an eminently practical nature for its direct application by the facilities. These documents may describe best action practices and give detailed operational examples of methods that can be used to comply with legislation and the applicable regulations in each case, but which do not in themselves determine a regulatory position or set requirements, therefore they are not mandatory for the facilities or professionals involved.