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Servicio Dosimetria Personal-Informacion General

The Regulation on Health Protection against Ionising radiations set limits to the doses received by workers exposed during their employment activity. To check its compliance, it is necessary to provide appropriate means for determining these doses.

Usually, these doses originate in radiation fields external to the organism (external doses). However, there are occasions on which there is radioactive material in the working environment and this material may enter (by inhalation) the body, giving rise to the so-called internal doses.

The determination of doses received by exposed workers due to external radiation fields is in most cases undertaken by individual monitoring using physical passive dosimeters. However, there are situations in which the radiological risk is sufficiently low that doses can be determined from the results of the radiological surveillance of the working areas.

The above mentioned regulation state that the doses received by external workers must be determined with external dosimetry at least once a month and by internal dosimetry at a frequency set in each case. In both cases, the individual dosimetry must be carried out by dosimetry services authorised by the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council.