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Given the radiological risks associated with a practice that uses ionising radiation, the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) may require the licensee of the practice to set up a unit specialising in radiological protection (in-house or contracted) to provide advice on this matter and to assign to it the functions required of the licensee by the relevant regulation.

The term Radiation Protection Services (RPS) is used to refer to units that the licensee establishes as part of its own organisation. The term Radiation Protection Technical Units (RPTUs) is used to refer to units (external to its organisation) that the licensee contracts to provide these services.

Both the RPSs and the RPTUs must be specifically authorised by the CSN and their manager must possess a specific diploma of qualification as a head of the RPS or RPTU, issued by the CSN. The functions that can be assigned to these organisations are:

  • Participation in and supervision of the design, assembly, installation, operation, modification and decommissioning of the facility.
  • Participation in the procedures for the acquisition of radioactive equipment and apparatus.
  • Assessment of the radiological risks associated with the facility.
  • Radiological classification of the working areas.
  • Classification of exposed workers.
  • The setting up of standards for access to, remaining in and exiting from radiological areas.
  • The radiological surveillance of areas.
  • The monitoring of radioactive effluents and waste.
  • The maintenance, checking and calibration of detection and measurement instruments.
  • Managing the dosimetry monitoring of exposed workers.
  • Assessing the radiological impacts in normal operation and in accidents.
  • Managing the training of the personnel.
  • Implementing the principle of radiation protection optimisation.
  • Performing the quality assessment of the medical facilities.