CSN Supervision and control. Inspections

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Supervision and control. Inspections

Supervisión y control. Inspecciones

The functioning of radioactive facilities is supervised and controlled through various mechanisms. The most direct one is based on the inspections conducted by the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) or the regional authorities with which a functions assignment agreement has been signed with the Council, aimed at checking compliance with the specific requirements for radiological safety and protection.

The inspections provide the information needed to check compliance with applicable legislation, the instructions of the CSN and the specific conditions imposed in the regulatory authorisations, licences or permits. The inspections are carried out by persons authorised and accredited officially by the Council. The results of the inspections are given in a unique document called the Inspection Record.

Each type of radioactive facility, whether in the fuel cycle or for medical, industrial or research and teaching purposes, has its corresponding inspection programme to supervise aspects relating to its safety and radiological protection. 

Every year, between 1,500 and 2,000 inspections of radioactive facilities are carried out, either directly by CSN staff or by the regional authorities. 

The Radiological Protection Technical Units (RPTUs), Radiation Protection Services (RPSs) and the Personal Dosimetry Services (PDS) are also inspected and controlled by the CSN.  

Regarding the transport of radioactive materials, the Council supervises the conditions in which it is carried out both from the safety point of view and from that relating to the radiological protection of workers, the public and the environment.

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