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What physical protection plans are

Planes de protección física

A physical protection plan is a document that describes the physical security system in a nuclear facility, for nuclear material, for a radioactive source or for the transport of nuclear or radioactive material. It sets the measures to be used to ensure the protection of the nuclear or radioactive material from robbery, theft or other unlawful appropriation and to prevent acts of sabotage.

The design, development and implementation of the internal security measures are the exclusive responsibility of the licensee of the facility or material and must be described with the necessary scope and level of detail in a specific physical protection plan that describes the organisational and operational procedures, contingency actions and the preparation, recording and custody of information on the physical protection of the facility.

The physical protection plan must accompany the application for the physical protection authorisation and must contain at least a description of the following:

•             The social, economic, environmental, meteorological and topographical factors that condition or may condition the physical protection of the nuclear materials or the facility.

•             The potential threats to the facility or material.

•             The human, technical and organisational means available to face the potential threats.

•             The physical protection actions planned for special operating conditions and in contingencies and emergencies.

•             The criteria used to authorise access of personnel to the nuclear materials or systems, equipment and components that are vital for the facility’s security.

The physical protection plan is subject to assessment by the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council and the Ministry of the Interior and to the approval of the Ministry of Industry.