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Local entities

Entidades locales

As part of its cooperation with national institutions, the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) has steady regular relations with the city councils governing regions within the influence of nuclear power plants. It does this by participating in information committees (as called for by legislation on nuclear and radioactive facilities) and through its relations with the Association of Municipalities in Areas with Nuclear Power Plants (AMAC).

The local information committees

The purpose of the local information committees, which meet yearly, is to facilitate information for the representatives of stakeholders and the public in general about the progress of regulated activities in each nuclear power plant and to hold joint discussions of any other issues of interest.

The information committees are chaired by the Ministry of Industry and include representatives from the plant owner, the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN), the Directorate General of Civil Protection and Emergencies, the central government’s representatives in the regions on whose territory the facility is located, and the cities and towns in Zone 1, as defined in the external nuclear emergency plans).