CSN Basic Directive against Transport Risks

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Basic Directive against Transport Risks

Directriz básica ante riesgos de accidentes en el transporte

The Basic Directive on Civil Protection Planning against the Risk of Accidents in Road and Rail Transport of Hazardous Goods contains the standards and minimum criteria to be followed by the authorities when preparing special plans for protecting the public from the risks of an accident while transporting dangerous goods by road or rail, in their respective territories and areas of competence.

This basic directive structures the response to nuclear emergencies in two planning levels, regional and national, setting the activation criteria for one, the other or both.

The guide also sets the criteria for reporting accidents and classifying them in order to declare the different emergency situations.

Accidents during the transport of class 7 goods require the participation of the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council in assessing the risks and recommending the protective measures to be taken.