CSN Basic Directive against Radiological Risks

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Basic Directive against Radiological Risks

Directriz Básica ante riesgos de accidentes en el transporte

The Basic Directive on Civil Protection Planning against Radiological Risks sets the minimum criteria to be followed by plans for response to radiation emergencies in facilities or activities that customarily use nuclear or radioactive substances, excluding those in the area of application of the Basic Nuclear Emergency Plan and those relating to transport, which are handled according to their own directives.

As with the response to nuclear emergencies, the directive structures the response to radiological emergencies in two planning levels:

• The on-site response level involves the on-site emergency plans which are the licensee’s responsibility.

• The off-site response plan consists of the Special State Plan, the regional Emergency Special Plans and the relevant Municipal Plans.

The Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) has prepared a technical guide for the development and implementation of the radiation criteria established in the abovementioned directive.

The CSN has also prepared a national catalogue of facilities and activities that could trigger radiological emergencies, which is updated periodically.