CSN Coordination of support and emergency response measures

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Coordination of support and emergency response measures


As well as keeping the Emergency Room (Salem) active in alert mode at all times to respond as soon as possible to any radiological or nuclear emergency, the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) has also developed an emergency response organization (ERO) for monitoring the accident and preparing proposals for protection measures as well as coordinating the support and response means in the field of nuclear safety and radiation protection. The aspects of this structure of the ERO that allow it to fulfil this last function are:

  • Radiological Intervention Support Unit (RISU): It carries out the radiological characterization and collaborates in implementing the protection measures. It consists of specialist technicians from the CSN, the regions with an assignment agreement and the Radiological Protection Technical Units supporting the intervention, contracted for the purpose by the CSN.
  • There are Radiological Characterization Units from various organisations and institutions which, based on prior collaboration agreements, are available to the CSN to participate in emergencies when required.
  • Mobile Internal Dosimetry Units to monitor the doses of those involved and the public are available to the CSN for activation under collaboration agreements signed beforehand.
  • Enresa resources for radioactive waste management.
  • Means and capabilities from the Spanish Emergency Military Unit, in this case only for radiological characterization activities and for implementing radiation protection measures under a collaboration agreement signed for this purpose.