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Advice to the authorities


The two main functions of the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) when an emergency plan is activated to deal with an emergency situation in a facility or in part of the national territory are as follows.

• Advise the authorities on the protection measures to be put into practice in the event of an emergency.

• Collaborate putting the emergency protection measures into practice and in handling the information and protection recommendations to the affected public.

Given the special features of the CSN’s competences granted by law, all the actions for bringing the emergency to a safe condition, for mitigating the consequences of the accident and, finally, for protecting the workers, the public and the environment must be undertaken after hearing the CSN’s conclusions on the matter.

The collection of information on the accident situation by the CSN Emergency Response Organisation (ERO), its assessment to identify the most probable development and the determination of the most suitable protection measures in view of the results, are all designed to facilitate the management of the emergency by the competent authorities with the continuous advice of the CSN ERO regarding the aspects within its competence, including the most appropriate protection measures to be taken.