CSN Public information in the event of an emergency

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Public information in the event of an emergency


A fundamental aspect for the effective functioning of any emergency plan is public information, which is provided in two ways:

• Firstly, the information distributed before an emergency occurs to the members of the public that may be affected, for whom there is an action plan to inform them on the potential risks, action plans, planned emergency measures and steps to be taken by the public to guarantee their correct application. The Directorate General for Civil Protection and Emergencies and the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) have published specific leaflets on the way to act in case of an emergency in the different populated areas.

• The information provided during a nuclear or radiological emergency is aimed at the affected public, or that which may be affected, and is issued by the relevant authorities. The purpose is to inform on the specific protection measures being adopted and to explain how the public should act to apply them effectively. The information in emergencies is published through all the available means – public address, radio, TV, the Internet, SMS, etc.

In compliance with the agreement of the Council of Ministers of 1 October 1999, the management and coordination of prior information activities aimed at the population within the area of application of an emergency plan dealing with an accident in a nuclear power plant is the responsibility of the director of the emergency plan in collaboration with the CSN and, in other cases, of the CSN itself and the health authorities.

Likewise, complying with the same agreement, information to the affected public in a radiological emergency is the responsibility of the emergency plan management with the collaboration of the CSN. Information to the rest of the public in an emergency is the responsibility of the CSN and the health authorities.