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CSN Instructions (IS)

Normativa CSN

Technical instructions are technical nuclear safety and radiation protection standards that become binding once they have been published in the Boletín Oficial del Estado, Spain’s official journal.

Legally speaking, technical instructions are permanent regulations. They become part of Spanish legislation and, like any general legislation, they are subject to judicial review. Infringement of technical instructions is an administrative offence.
The process the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) follows to draft instructions encourages participation by stakeholders and the public. In addition, before technical instructions are approved by the CSN, they are reported to the Congress of Deputies and even to the European Union,  in case they concern radiation protection.

CSN Regulation - Technical Instructions (TI's) - English Versions

(The CSN provides users of this website with an unofficial translation of the law in question. You are therefore advised that this translation is for your information only and may not be entirely up to date when you consult it. For official texts, look up the law in the Boletín Oficial del Estado, where you can find laws in any of the official languages of the State of Spain.)

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