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CSN Instructions (IS)

Normativa CSN

Technical instructions are technical nuclear safety and radiation protection standards that become binding once they have been published in the Boletín Oficial del Estado, Spain’s official journal.

Legally speaking, technical instructions are permanent regulations. They become part of Spanish legislation and, like any general legislation, they are subject to judicial review. Infringement of technical instructions is an administrative offence.
The process the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) follows to draft instructions encourages participation by stakeholders and the public. In addition, before technical instructions are approved by the CSN, they are reported to the Congress of Deputies and even to the European Union,  in case they concern radiation protection.

CSN Regulation - Technical Instructions (TI's) - English Versions

(The CSN provides users of this website with an unofficial translation of the law in question. You are therefore advised that this translation is for your information only and may not be entirely up to date when you consult it. For official texts, look up the law in the Boletín Oficial del Estado, where you can find laws in any of the official languages of the State of Spain).


Useful links:

Instruction IS-01, of the 31st of May 2001, which defines the format and content of the individual radiological monitoring document (Radiological Passport) regulated in Royal Decree 413-1997.

Instruction IS-02, revision 1, of 1st September 2004, on documentation relating to Refuelling Activities at Light-water Nuclear Power Plants.

Instruction IS-03, of the 6th of November 2002, on the qualifications required to obtain recognition as an expert in protection against ionising radiations.

Instruction IS-04, of 5th February 2003, regulating the transference, filing and custody of documents relating to the radiation protection of the workers, the general public and the environment prior.

Instruction IS-05, of the 26th of February 2003, defining the values of exemption for nuclides as established in Tables A and B of Annex I of Royal Decree 1836-1999.

Instruction IS-06, of 9th April 2003, defining Training Programmes on basic and specific radiation protection matters, regulated by Royal Decree 413-1997 of 21th March in relation to nuclear and radioactive facilities of fuel-cycle.

Instruction IS-07, of 22nd June 2005, of the Nuclear Safety Council, on fields of application of the radioactive facilities personnel licences.

Instruction IS-08, of the 27th July 2005, on the criteria applied by CSN to request specific advise on radiation protection from the owners of the Nuclear and Radioactive Facilities.

Instruction IS-09, of 14th June 2006, of the Nuclear Safety Council, establishing the criteria to be applied for the systems, services and procedures of physical protection for nuclear facilities and materials.

Instruction IS-10 Rev 1, of 30th July 2014, Establishing the Criteria for reporting events to the Nuclear Safety Council by the nuclear power plants.

Instruction IS-11, Revision 1, of 30th January 2019, on nuclear power plant operating personnel licenses.

Instruction IS-12, of 28th February 2007, of the Nuclear Safety Council, defining the qualification and training requirements of non-licensed staff and non-licensed off-site personnel of nuclear power plants.

Instruction IS-13, dated 21 March 2007, on the Radiological Criteria for the Release of Nuclear Installation Sites.

Instruction IS-14, of 24th October 2007, on the CSN Resident Inspection at Nuclear Power Plants.

Instruction IS-15, revision 1, of 5 May 2016, on the requirements for monitoring the effectiveness of maintenance at the nuclear power plants.

Instruction IS-16, of 23rd January 2008, regulating the periods of time which documents and records of radioactive facilities must be remain filed for.

Instruction IS-17, 30th January, on the recognition of training courses and programmes for personnel that manage the operation of or operate equipment in X-ray facilities for medical diagnosis and the accreditation of the personnel of said facilities.

Instruction IS-18, of 2nd April 2008, on the criteria applied by the CSN to demand from the licensees of radioactive facilities the reporting of radiological events and incidents.

Instruction IS-19, of October 22nd 2008, on the requirements of the nuclear facilities management system.

Instruction IS-20, of January 28th 2009, establishing safety requirements relating to spent fuel storage casks.

Instruction IS-21, of January 28th 2009, on the requirements applicable to modifications at nuclear power plants.

Instruction IS-22, Revision 1, of July 1st 2009, on safety requirements for the management of ageing and long-term operation of nuclear power plants.

Instruction IS-23 on in-service inspection at nuclear power plants.

Instruction IS-24, of 19th May 2010, regulating the filing and periods of retention of the documents and records of nuclear facilities.

Instruction IS-25, of 9th June 2010, on criteria and requirements on the performance of probabilistic safety assessments and their applications for nuclear power plants.

Instruction IS-26, of 16th June 2010, on basic nuclear safety requirements applicable to nuclear installations.

Instruction IS-27, Revision 1, of June 14th 2017, on general nuclear power plant design criteria.

Instruction IS-28, of 22nd September 2010, on the technical specifications that second- and third-category radioactive facilities must observe.

Instruction IS-29, of 13th October 2010, on safety criteria at spent fuel and high-level radioactive waste storage facilities.

Instruction IS-30, Revision 2, of November 16th 2016, on the requirements of the fire protection programme at nuclear power plants.

Instruction IS-31, of 26 Jun 2011, on the criteria for the radiological control of residual materials generated in nuclear facilities.

Instruction IS-32, of 16 November 2011, on Plant Technical Specifications of nuclear power plants.

Instruction IS-33, of 21 November 2010, on the radiological criteria for the protection against exposure to natural radiation.

Instruction IS-34, 18 January 2012, on criteria in relation to radiation protection measures, the notification of nonconformities, the availability of people and means during emergencies, and load surveillance during the transport of radioactive material.

Instruction IS-35, December 4th 2013, relating to the treatment of design modifications of radioactive material transport packages accompanied by certificates demonstrating their Spanish origin and of the physical or operational modifications.

Instruction IS-36, January 21st 2015, on emergency operating procedures and the management of severe accidents at nuclear power plants.

Instruction IS-37, of January 21st 2015, on the analysis of design basis accidents at nuclear power plants.

Instruction IS-38, of June 10th 2015, on the training of persons involved in the transport of radioactive material by road

Instruction IS-39, of June 10th 2015, regarding control and monitoring in the manufacturing of packages for the transport of radioactive material.

Instruction IS-40, of April 26th 2016, regarding documents that must be provided when requesting authorisation for commercialisation or provid.

Instruction IS-41, of 26th July 2016, by which the requirements on physical protection of radioactive sources are approved.

Instruction IS-42, of 26th July 2016, of the Nuclear Safety Council, by which the criteria on notification of certain events to the Council of the transport of radioactive material are established.

Instruction IS-43, of 20th March 2019, establishing the criteria for the notification of events relating to the physical safety of nuclear power plants.

Instruction IS-44, dated February 26, 2020, addresses requirements of emergency planning, preparedness and response in nuclear facilities.

Instruction IS-45, dated November 17th 2021, regarding safety requirements during the design, construction and operation phases of nuclear and radioactive facilities of the nuclear fuel cycle, to provide for their decommissioning and closure.