CSN Law creating the Nuclear Safety Council

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Law creating the Nuclear Safety Council

Ley del Consejo de S. Nuclear

The creation of the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) as the sole Spanish authority for nuclear safety and radiation protection and as an organisation independent of the central government was a real landmark in the development of nuclear safety in Spain. It enabled Spain to bring its nuclear energy rules and regulations up to the standards used by the countries that set the pace in such matters.

The law creating the CSN establishes the Council’s functions, composition and legal framework. This law is supplemented by the CSN Charter, which specifies the Council’s structure, organisation, functions and legal framework.

Because of the functions entrusted to the Nuclear Safety Council as a regulatory authority, it is fundamental for the Council to earn credibility and the trust of society in its actions. After all, the very reason for the creation of the Council is to protect society from the undesirable effects of ionising radiations.