CSN On-site Nuclear Emergency Plans

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On-site Nuclear Emergency Plans

Plan de Emergencia Interior (PEI)

The on-site nuclear emergency plans are governed by the regulations for nuclear and radioactive facilities and respond to the general obligation of corporate self-protection defined in the basic regulations for civil protection; therefore these plans are the responsibility of the facility’s licensee.

Each nuclear power plant has a specific on-site emergency plan that details the actions, measures and responsibilities for preparedness and response to an accident in order to mitigate its consequences protect the facility staff and immediately report to the authorities, including the initial assessment of the potential consequences of the emergency. The on-site plan also sets the actions to be taken by the licensee to support the protection interventions outside the facility in accordance with the Basic Nuclear Emergency Plan (PLABEN).

There are four categories of declared emergency situations defined to address the different potential accidents in a nuclear power plant, which depend on the seriousness of the event and the nature and amount of radioactive material that may be released to the exterior. The emergency categories are numbered from I to IV in order of increasing severity:

Category I: Emergency pre-alert.

Category II: Emergency alert.

Category III: On-site emergency.

Category IV: General emergency.